What happens when you give someone who likes to building enough space to unleash their imagination… that’s right Custom Slabs design and furniture. Why custom slabs you ask? Well that’s easy, what other art lets you embrace the raw beauty of a tree in a functional form that fits in your house?

It all started about a year ago. I have a talented cousin who drove down from Portland to help me rebuild a new deck. We spent 2 weeks doing woodworking together and I haven’t looked back. I spent the following three weeks digging out my foundation and creating enough space for a small woodshop under my living room. I started creating coffee tables from my old deck boards but it didn’t take long for that wood to run out. Right around that time I stumbled across a few galleries selling slab tables and quickly started searching for someone local selling this kind of raw material.

Within a few weeks I had a table saw, chop saw, band saw, planer, belt and orbital sanders and was getting busy in the shop. The first desk I made is the same desk I’m typing from now, complete with a George Nakashimi butterfly joint. Next up was a slab desk I created as a wedding gift and then a bed with live edge slab head board.


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