Live Edge Slab Bed

Happy Birthday Mike Lee! For your birthday we present to you a 200lb wood slab headboard with redwood frame.

For those of you who don’t know mike here’s some backstory:

“There has been talk of upgrading Mike’s sleeping accommodations to throne status. What does this mean you ask? It means every night Mike will have dreams of ruling the world; his dreams will be filled with creativity and inspiration; he will soar to new heights and conquer all his fears. These dreams will compel him to solve the mysteries of the world and be the man that every girl (especially Jing) has hoped for. So you ask what kind of sleeping throne could possibly inspire such wonderful dreams? Well the answer is a bed constructed from the hands and minds of his closest friends.”

It seems this dream throne has come to fruition. Please see attached glamor shots

This raw live edge Claro Walnut slab is a local Bay Area tree that required about 18 man hours of planing, sanding and buffing. The head board still has the bark on and is coated with a sealer and finished with a biowax.

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